Anyone can feel lonely. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a relationship or not, a social butterfly or someone who isn’t into crowds. To understand what’s making you feel alone, we’ll focus on your inner and outer experiences and work together to find useful things you can do to feel more connected to the world.

Depression affects the way you think and feel, it can even affect you physically. It can alter the way you think about yourself, the people around you and the events you experience every day. We’ll work together to understand what’s going on and help you feel more positive.

There are times when making a decision feels impossible. We’re not sure about who we are, how we live, who we love, or whether we’d be better off in a different career. But by spending some time together, we can help you find a sense of clarity and work out what’s really important to you.

Although they’re often easily dismissed, moodswings can seriously impact your life. If you’ve ever experienced changes in your sleep, appetite, social habits, concentration or motivation, you’ll understand. So if it’s time to address one or more of these symptoms, we can help you get back to your balanced self again.

Who you love, the way you love and how you love others and yourself all make up the person that you are. We pay attention to the way you define yourself, encouraging you to accept, understand, and embrace your sexuality.

We all have different ways of coping with what life throws at us. From unsuitable relationships with people and food to hiding behind your career, negative coping patterns can have a big impact on our lives. But we can work together to help you change the way you cope and find more positive ways to deal with life’s challenges.

How you view yourself and your position in the world influences the way you live your life. When that’s not particularly positive, the effects can be hard to deal with. Together we can find lots of ways to build self-esteem and, most importantly, give you the means to sustain it.

Feeling anxious can lead to panic attacks, irrational fears and rigid, repetitive behaviors that can stop you living the way you want. But we can spend time helping you understand what lies behind your feelings of anxiety and give you the means to keep it under control.

When you’re stressed, life can feel like a constant battle with no end in sight. But once we start to understand where that stress comes from, we can start to figure out how to make sense of it and find lots of helpful ways to manage it.

The intensity of feelings after experiencing loss can, at times, seem impossible to deal with. Whether you feel sad, angry, guilty, or are longing for life as it once was, we can help you focus on a future that allows you to carry your loss without being crushed by it.

When distracting, repetitive or distressing thoughts take over, obsession can feel like you’ve lost control. But we can work together to understand where these thoughts come from and help lower the volume of your mind’s chatter.